How many of you have ever thought of learning slang American language? Well, the United States have always been a hub of slang languages quite different from the British English. There are words or expressions which have a particular meaning and are commonly used by the people. For example when we normally say that don’t be coward, step up, in American slang it will be “Don’t be chicken, step up”. For the outsiders it is a bit crazy to use these words or phrases in a line but once familiar people can easily communicate with each other in friendly manner!

Before knowing more about the same it is important to know what exactly do you mean by slang? Each of the language is used and retreated by the speakers as per their style, culture, and way of expression. Although, it’s a non-standard or informal language but consists of new or extended meanings attached to the established terms. In same way American language has several words used under the category of slang American popular culture. What’s more interesting is that you will easily find online slang dictionaries to help you check-out (see) the words! Here down the line let’s see the commonly used words and phrases:

  • Go to Petrol Bunk will become Go to Gas Station since American, make use of the word gasoline which they call ‘gas’ in short. While on the other hand Diesel is called the same way.
  • When the place is empty, the Americans will call it as dead. For example, the restaurant is empty tonight; this will go on with slang as the restaurant is totally dead tonight.
  • The next common saying is when you meet someone you often say how are you, what are you doing and all, instead you should say what’s up? or what’s happening. These words are informal but have friendly touch and are widely used by street people and friends during hang-outs.
  • The next phrase that we are going to talk about is “Take a hike”. This is not something related to make a climb or increase but is opposite. It actually means go away and leave me alone.
  • Lighten up and loosen up-both looks similar in their meanings but differs a bit. Lighten up means relax, don’t be so serious while loosen up means to simply relax.
  • Flashlight in American is not what we have in mobile devices, but it means torch!
  • Dish detergent is nothing but liquid or the liquid powder popularly used to wash dishes in kitchen.

Apart from above common terms, one can find more than 200 words and phrases used in America’s culture. No matter, how good you are in perfect English Language but knowing these words will create an impeccable impression on the local listener. Even American Translators often make use of some of these terms to highlighting the essence of the language especially when dealing with community-related work!

Serenre is mastermind indulged in translating American English into British and many more! She has a deep knowledge regarding the type, style, and grammar used in different languages. She has done n number of advertisement translation for reputed Axis Translations Company.