It is always a difficult task preparing for MBA entrance exams. There is no such thing as an easy path for getting success in competitive examinations. The competition is very high and one needs to put their best effort to go across the finish line. Here we will discuss a few pointers that MBA aspirants should keep in mind while preparing for the D-Day.


Over the years, the competition in MBA entrance exams have grown exponentially and turned out to be unconquerable for many. To clear MBA competitive exams, it requires strategic planning, hard work and a whole lot of patience. MBA aspirants need to start their preparation months ahead and make a clear road map for achieving the confidence and skill required for clearing the examination. There are a number of examinations that MBA institutes use for screening candidates like CAT, MAT, GMAT, sXAT, etc. But the toughest of the lot is unanimously the CAT. But, whatever may be the toughness of the examination, the preparation required for all of them is nearly the same.

Here are some of the tips that MBA aspirants can follow to achieve success in the competitive examinations:

Plan Ahead – Achieving success in a competitive MBA exam is not that easy as it may seem at first. It requires a great deal of preparation and planning from many months earlier. A definitive road map that clearly interprets your goals and aspirations should be created. This is important for you to understand where you stand and how much effort is needed.

Know the structure – Without understanding the structure of any examination, no aspirant can prepare properly. Every exam has a different structure and this is a very important aspect that needs to be kept in mind. Since competitive exams are all about accuracy and time management, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the whole structure and time allotment, along with mark distribution.

Expert Guidance – Help in any form is always a useful thing. A coaching class gives aspirants the extra edge over ones who are preparing on their own. It provides them with proper guidance and help throughout their preparation. At some point or the other everyone gets stuck at a particular type of problem and quick guidance can save a lot of time. Another advantage of a coaching class is that it enables you to interact with each other aspirants. These group interactions help assess yourselves and make you more competitive.

Start with basics – The questions asked in MBA competitive examinations are generally of the level of 10+ 2th standards. So start with basic instead of trying to solve tough and complex problems. There is a huge chance that you might get discouraged if you start with the complex problems. Once you get accustomed to a level of difficulty, increase it accordingly. This step-by-step method will not hamper your preparation.

Learn short methods – As mentioned earlier, time management is one of the most important factor upon which the success of the exam depends. Thus, it is important to learn short cuts to solve problems. Some of these unconventional methods are going to set you apart from the rest. With increased speed, you can solve more problems and score higher.

Practice makes perfect – True to the adage, practice makes it easy to solve problems of all difficulty levels. If you are in touch with similar type of problems it takes less amount of time to solve them. Without practice you might forget the short methods that can be used or formulas needed to solve problems.

Mock Tests – Mock tests are very essential for MBA aspirants to have an idea of the actual exam and also attain the needed level of confidence. Apart from that, it also helps in realising if there are any gaps in your preparation and the type of mistakes that you are making. This will help in improving yourselves and make you more efficient in solving problems.

Relax a few days before the tests – Do not stress yourself out a few days before the exams. Stop preparing three or four days before the exam and take break. This will help a lot on the day of the exam as your mind will be clear of any tensions.

Apart from the above ingredients for a successful MBA entrance preparation recipe, the most important game changer is one’s self effort. Without self effort and determination all the other factors are useless.


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