Humans have always been eager and curious at the prospect of existence of life forms other than them in the universe. The fact that there have been numerous claims, some of them found to be true, of sightings of UFOs as well as aliens. All over the planet, everyone make the argument of another life apart from us quite strong and intriguing.

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Interesting facts about UFOs and aliens

 Various mythologies, folklores and scientific speculations are being continuously made about the UFOs and it shows how much existence of extraterrestrial beings enthralls humans. Some of the interesting facts about UFOs as well as aliens are listed below:

  • Talking in average, about 70,000 UFO sightings are reported per year and approx. 192 on daily basis.
  • No radar of earth has been able to detect the presence of UFOs in its atmosphere.
  • According to a survey, 1 in 5 people of America believe in UFOs and aliens.
  • An UFO sighting was also reported in Bible, the holy book of Christians. In fact, it was the first ever-documented sighting.
  • In 1960s, there were various UFO sightings when NASA conducted its space missions.

 Roswell UFO incident

 Considered to be the foundation of all of the UFO studies, it took the world by storm when it was reported that the first ever alien aircraft crash had come to on Earth in 1947. At first, the air force of the country claimed its possession, by denied it later. Even though, the incident was covered up, some facts were found to be true like the unidentified debris of the crash, alien bodies, witnesses and alien autopsies.

Abduction of Barney and Betty Hill

 The couple was returning home from a short vacation by driving on Interstate Route 3. It was when they saw an aerial object shaped like a pancake with windows and its occupants. They felt scared and quickly drove away from the place. However, when they reached home, they found out that a couple of hours had already been lost and they didn’t even realize it.

Both of them started having nightmares and when it got too disturbing, they contacted a well-known psychiatrist. He hypnotized them in order to know the source of their problems and realized that they were kidnapped by aliens.

It was revealed that aliens were 5 feet tall in height, bald with green skin and had rather big heads. Samples of the nail, hair and skin were taken and Betty went through pregnancy test where a long needle was inserted into her naval.

What made the whole incident weirder was the map of star system drawn by Betty Hill in 1963 when it wasn’t discovered till 1969. When both of them were compared, they were found to be exactly alike. Though there were some flaws in the theory such as mode of communication used by aliens, it could not be proved as hoax.

Regardless, UFOs and aliens have found a lasting place in our culture and are the source of entertainment along with fascination to everyone, especially children. It can be seen in the way people enjoy drawing them according to their imagination.

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