You can easily crack CA/CPT exams not just by trying hard but with a systematic and a confident preparation. And once you clear the exams, you have a solid career to be unleashed, just waiting at your door step. Here they are for you to ponder over

The right kind of attitude

You need to instill a positive approach in you that CA/CPT exams are not tough and you can come out in flying colors. So develop the right kind of attitude that yes, you will be able to clear it up in the 1st attempt. If you develop the right kind of attitude, it is half the ocean crossed. And clearing the exams in one shot becomes an easy cake walk.


Know the format of the exam

This might be another intriguing factor for most of the students aspiring to become auditors or company secretaries in future. CA is divided into three parts

  1. CA foundation

This is a preliminary phase which tests your level of endurance. You have subjects like Mathematics, Accountancy, Economics and Business Law. To prepare well for the CA foundation course, you can simply refer to some of the best NCERT text books. The syllabus of NCERT is of a high standard. You can get yourself a study material, where illustrations and examples are described in a simple and lucid style.

You can go for CA/CPT course in Pitampura, to help you with a systematic preparation.

  1. Article ship

You are required to take up a three year articleship program which forms the core aspect of the study curriculum. You need to work under a leading auditor in a full time firm. This is the most challenging step in the course. Many students find it tough to go through the drill which the auditor takes off him/ her. Like you are made to work under an auditing firm for 10-12 hours in day and are paid very less stipend. A lot of you might want to give up on the course mid-way. This is something which you need to avoid. Instead of complaining on heavy work and low stipends, you need to focus more on learning the various accounting concepts that are involved. Once you complete the coveted course, you are assured of some of the best salaries the industry can offer. So please hold on to your horses and be patient enough to complete the entire course.

  1. Final exams

On completing a rigorous articleship, you are required to take up the Intermediate exams. Part I comprises of 4 papers and part II with another 4. You need to clear the intermediate exams and 70% of success rate can already be felt here. All you now need to do is, give your final exams. Most of the students who complete CA Inter will easily be able to sail through, in the finals and are assured of a successful finish in one of the most challenging professional exams, you can call for.


There is a saying as ‘If you write your answers on a piece of paper, the effort or retention capacity holds three times as much as oral memorizing of answers’. Have a note pad and keep writing answers and practice accountancy problems by writing the relevant formula on top.

This way, you can refer to the notepad at the last minute and you will know how far you have prepared for the exam, without the hassle of flipping through pages and pages of study material. Your self-study material is far more competent than the guide sitting in front of you.

These simple tips help you to strategic better and you are assured of a steady success, no matter what!