The passion of serving the country by being an Armed Forces Officer to join Army, Navy or Air Force is a matter of honour. This surely is tested by the National Defence Academy in the rigorous exams conducted twice an year. Most people believe that selection is limited to the candidate’s physical fitness. What we don’t realize is that mental agility, stress tolerance ability, mental fitness, sharp-witted intelligence and agility are given equal priority along with physical fitness. Proficiency in personality tests, individual-group obstacle tests, group tasks like snake race and command tasks is what makes an individual a cut above the rest of the other candidates. For this, one needs prior training, which familiarizes them to the rigours of the tough selection process in which only about 350 candidates out of nearly two lakh aspirants can enter the NDA each term.

NDA Written Examination

Scores of institutes are spread across India for the above purpose.  Initially the candidates are required to clear a written examination conducted by UPSC. The syllabus is vast and needs careful preparation. The questions are objective type and therefore the candidates need a thorough knowledge. Selective studies do not pay. Besides there is negative marking, which adds to the difficulty level of the candidates. Candidates are tested in English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Generally nearly two to two and a half candidates apply for the examination out of which top 8000 or so are shortlisted for the SSB Interviews.   Olive Greens has a very experienced faculty and an excellent  track record in written examinations. Generally a seven week programme is conducted, having classes for six days a week. In addition to regular classes for about six hours a day, exhaustive worksheets are given to the students and weekly comprehension tests are conducted for all subjects.  This holistic training helps the student to pass the exam and come up in the required merit.

NDA coaching session KS Dagar Academy

Preparation for SSB Interviews

The selected candidates are called up for Services Selection Board Interviews over a period of two to three months after declaration of the NDA written results.  A SSB interview is a very holistic psychological evaluation of the candidates personality and leadership potential. A candidate is evaluated scientifically to assess not only his personal qualities of leadership but also his future potential to benefit from the training to come to a desirable level to be an officer. The SSB conducts a two stage selection process, in which the stage one is preliminary screening. Screening comprises of a test of reasoning called the OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) test and a Picture Perception and Description (PPDT) test. Of the candidates who report to the SSB, nearly 50% of them get screened out.

The screened -in candidates are then put through three different techniques for selection,  i.e psychological techniques, group dynamics (GTO techniques) and an evaluation interview by three different assessors over a period of next four days. Olive Greens Institute provide extensive training for all activities i.e. screening test, psychological tests, GTO techniques and the evaluation interview in a realistic manner. The infrastructure of  Olive Greens  Institute is extensive and more than matches the infrastructure of an SSB, especially the outdoor ground covering nearly two acres of area. Candidates are given a real time experience, which allows them to think creatively, builds on self awareness and builds their confidence. Candidates are made to participate in regular group discussions, lecturettes, current affairs discussions etc. Each candidate is put through two mock interviews and one personal interview with feedback. Adequate practice is given in the psychological test in which the focus is on fostering creativity and projecting good personal values rather than give a stereotyped response.

Pilot Aptitude and Battery Test (PABT)

Candidates who are desirous to join the Flyng branch, in Airforce, Army or the Nave are required to go through an aptitude test called Pilot Aptitude and Battery Test (PABT).It is designed to assess the psychomotor abilities of a candidate necessary to fly modern fighter aircraft flying at supersonic speeds.

Olive Greens Institute has a well designed simulator. Training in theoretical aspects and the simulator training is provided by an experienced fighter pilot, which gives a high degree of confidence to the candidates resulting a high clearance rate among our candidates.