The competition among fellow graduates and aspiring psychology program experts is increasingly becoming intense. The limited scope that psychology offers, despites its potential to grow more than it has currently been, makes it difficult for students to counter challenges and make a successful journey out of their psychological degrees. It has been noted that throughout the world, the radius and growth of psychology as a field of study and job is only growing for a mere 3% against at least 50,000 new doctorates coming out of various institutions. This means that the competition is not just intense, but it is fierce and cracking.


In such circumstances only, the students, offering the kind of diversity and edge from the traditional psychology graduates might find it easy to make their space and grab opportunities of success. This is however not easy to achieve with so much to cover within the studies of psychology and to master it. Today’s guest post will be featuring four most innovative programs that can help students find that edge and get past others with a slight bit of ease because of the way they will be graduating and trained within those programs.

Winder University, Chester and School of Human Service Professions

As one of the most important, classic and popular universities in the world, offering the Psychology doctorate program, it is important to mention the name of such a prestigious institution. Winder’s new psychology program, which offers a degree in clinical Psychology along with a certificate in Neuropsychology field, can allow students to become masters and self-practitioners in the field which is the fastest growing amongst the whole umbrella of the Psychology department. Students who are looking to excel in human services and clinical Psychology, to them we suggest that this is one of the best options available to them. Some students also seeking some essay writing service to learn about human services.

University of North Dakota with its Department of Online Education

With its tremendous online system and great recognition of the online degree program across the world, students from the University of North Dakota can pursue one of the modern versions of Psychology degree programs in the field of Forensic Psychology.  It includes both under-graduate and post-graduate certification with only a few campus visits. If you are someone who is looking for distant education and want to pursue a great and comprehensive degree program from a well known institution, then this is the one you should go for.

San Diego State University

In a strong partnership agreement with the University of California, the San Diego State University is now offering a fully recognized clinical Psychology program with complete accreditation from the APA, which can allow students to find terrific practicing opportunities once they graduate.

Illinois State University

If you are really aiming to be different and get something that is in demand, but with short supply, then pursue a degree and a career in the Organizational-Social Psychology with the Illinois State University. The university, for its support and growth within the degree programs, has been recognized as one of the best in the U.S.A and has been multiple times nominated to be the most diversified institution in the country.

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Christiana Antiga is the author of this blog post. Mary has been working as a Psychology professor for a decade, teaching in a top U.S.A institution. She also likes to post her views on the website