A photobook is undoubtedly an expensive product to produce, demand for high quality collections is perhaps seen as too small to warrant long print runs or numerous reprints. However, the demand is large enough that the books remain very desirable which as a result means they become harder to find and very much sought after. This means photobooks originally costing between £20 and £80 can double or even triple in price within a very short amount of time. With that in mind, you certainly have to know what your doing when looking to buy rare and limited edition photobooks. This guide will tell you what to look for….

Buy Carefully

Photobooks are highly collectible works of art. In recent years, a recent boom in the market has seen prices skyrocket. Particularly signed first early editions from renowned authors can potentially reach well into the thousands.

When buying a photobook that is considered rare or is a limited edition, it must be in immaculate condition. Any damage or blemishes can knock value down as much as 50%. It’s good practice to stay away from purchasing from an online website such as Amazon as they do not always package books as well as they perhaps should. If you are considering purchasing online, make sure you search for online specialist. Otherwise, it is recommended that you purchase from the publisher itself or from a dealer in your local area.

Do your Research

If you want to pick up books currently on the shelves that might prove valuable, Matthias Hoch: Photographs and David Parker: The Phenomenal World can still be found and can potentially double or even tripe in value very quickly.  ‘Networking’ can prove very beneficial in filtering through photobooks, knowing someone that has that extensive experience can be a real find. Try visiting a specialist photobook shop and tap into the knowledge of the staff, this could yield some real gems you perhaps didn’t think of.

The appealing thing about photobook collecting is discovering works from up and coming photographers as these early books have the potential to become very much in vogue and sough after. A great place to look is among the current resurgence in self-published titles. Do some research online and see what’s out there, you’ll be surprised at what you might find. You can buy books at flipkart using discount offers.

Collecting photobooks is a creative way to discover the wonders of photography and build yourself a portfolio of valuable assets at the same time. Is there a downside?… You will need more shelves