Graphic design, which is also popularly known as communication design, is the art of projecting the ideas visually and often using textual content. If you are a skilled graphic designer, you can work as an adverting art director, animator, illustrator, print maker, production designer, fine artist and many such other designations will be waiting for you. The fruitful career options in this field are driving many youngsters to take up this course.


Characteristics of a Successful Designer:

  • Have a thick skin: You heard it right..! You should have a thick skin to shape yourself as a skilled designer. You have to deal with a lot of criticism from clients, colleagues and from many other people related to the project. Learn to take positives from criticism. This is the key to enhance the quality of your work and increase your skill set to sustain in the industry. The secret to achieve this skill is to treat yourself and your work distinctly.
  • Be logically strong: If we have to name a few things which differentiate a successful designer and an average designer, you need to start with the logical thinking. There are no precise explanations for being logical in this arena. End of the day, you have to come up with some smart work.
  • Communication skills: Unless you have good communication skills, you can’t witness a progress in your design. You have to deal with various people like clients, other designers, project manager etc. Delivering your ideas effectively is entirely your responsibility. If you are not in a position to understand the requirements of your client, then your project can lead to nowhere..!
  • Build confidence: If you lack confidence in your abilities, you can’t expect the clients to trust you..! Slowly and strongly, build your confidence. Dealing with criticism positively can help you to boost your confidence.
  • Keep learning: Have you ever felt that you have learned enough to survive in this field. Learning is a never ending process as a graphic designer. There are many new software applications entering market with time. Get yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies in your field. Else, it’s time for you to pack up..!
  • Leadership skills: How long will you blindly follow your seniors’ instructions..? After a considerable period of time, you should be in a position to guide someone. To achieve this position, you have to gain leadership skills. This is not something which you can own in an overnight. Considerable amount of hard work has to be done for this.

Apart from gaining the skills, choosing a best institute is also important to give a kick start to your career as a graphic designer. If you are in search of graphic designing institutes in Delhi, then this is where you need to stop and spend a couple a minutes. Check out the website of the institute before joining. Get to know more about the institute by getting in touch with the old students. Most importantly, never ever forget to check the placement record of the college.

Author’s bio: The author is an art director, who has worked with various reputed magazines. Of late, he has also made his mark in the field of television productions. Currently, he is associated with